Services We Offer

Pure Prevention


40MIN appointment combing the Pure sparkly treatment and the pure protection , once your teeth are beautifully clean and sparkly and all calculus above and below the gum margin has been removed, this is the perfect opportunity to give that enamel a good boost of Fluoride and xylitol , which is absorbed into the enamel and the dentine resulting in the tooth surface becoming more resilient and resistant to dental decay and erosion.

You can not eat or drink one hour after this appointment to get the full benefit. So don’t plan a coffee date for straight after…


(40 min)

Pure Sparkly

A gentle but extensive clean to remove more stubborn stain such as tea coffee and tobacco etc this restores your natural white sparkly smile.. we do this with a Jet polisher which uses air , water and sodium bicarbonate crystals leaving you feeling super clean, fresh and sparkly.


(30 min)

Pure Clean

A gentle clean to remove plaque and mild staining using hand scaling or an ultra sonic and a rotary polisher with a high gleam polish.


(30 min)

Pure Tiny

Kids introduction to dental hygiene , a fun introduction to the dental surgery enviroment, teeth can be disclosed to allow them to see the plaque on their teeth! And gentle clean and polish, a custom oral health regime tailored to your Childs needs , dexterity and level of interest. Ages 6 months – 12 years.


(15 min)

Pure PrisTEEN

When you child enters their teenage years the element of control we as parents had as regards to diet and drinks is limited, and as for oral hygiene, will we just add that to the list of other arguments we have in morning and  evening!! 

This is the stage where we want to empower our teens in the importance of good dental hygiene care and the importance of prevention of dental disease.

At this appointment we spend time chatting through your teens specific risk factors for decay, erosion, gum disease and  custom plan an oral health regime that they are invested in keeping up. We will remove all stain , plaque and tartar so they can experience the feeling of a truly fresh mouth so they are encourage to sustain that themselves.

30min nag free appointment empowering your teens into a lifetime free of fillings and minimally invasive dental care!

Ages 13 – 17 Years.


(30 min)

Pure Braces

This is a custom clean purely for patients currently undergoing orthodontic treatment.

All stain , plaque and calculus will be eliminated. And bespoke oral hygiene and dietary advice will be offered to ensure when those braces come off. Everything will be Pure Perfect!!


(30 min)

Pure Detox

This a a treatment for patients who require extensive cleaning above and below the gum margin..this is also know as non surgical periodontal thearpy and this is the treatment use to treat gum disease . Very often local aneasthetic is used to keep everything comfy


(up to 2hrs)

Pure Protection

This is a fl- treatment that encourage the Enamel to maintain its strength , prevents erosion and decay.

(3 min treatment that is usually done in conjunction with another service )


(3 min)

Pure Denture Perfection

A detailed Clean of those dentures. Leaving then bright fresh and like new!!!


(15 min)

Facial Aesthetics Price List


1 area: £120
2 areas: £180
3 areas: £220

Advanced Treatments

Hyperhydrosis / Sweatox: £300
Tooth Grinding / Jaw Slimming: £250

Other Treatments

Gummy smile
Bunny lines / smokers lines

Teeth Whitening

Zoom whitening: £450
Home bleaching kits: £250
Top up syringes: £25

Frequently Asked Questions:

I am registered with a dentist, but can I book in with your hygienist?

Yes, Absolutely!!

Since the Covid pandemic, dental services have changed a lot.

Your dentist may no longer be able to provide hygiene services within their practices, or you may find hygiene services difficult to access due to long waiting lists.

You are no longer obligated to see the hygienist in the same practice as your dentist.
If you pay privately to see a hygienist you have the freedom to choose where you go and who you see.

How often should I see a hygienist?

Every 3 - 6 months.

Does getting your teeth cleaned hurt?

Dentistry has developed over the years and there’s really no need for you to experience pain and discomfort.

The majority people don’t need any means of pain relief whilst getting treatment , on the other hand some patients with very tender gums or sensitive teeth due to recession my benefit from some local anaesthetic or numbing gel

We will do whatever is necessary to make your appointment as pleasant and as pain free as possible.

Do I really need to Floss?

No matter how good you are with your tooth brush, you will never get effectively in-between your teeth, and avoiding those areas means your missing 60% of teeth surfaces.

So yes some level of interdental cleaning is essential!! Although that doesn’t have to be floss, it could be inter dental brushes or a water flosser.

At you hygiene appointment the hygienist will customise a oral care regime specific to your needs, manual dexterity and motivation.

How can I make my teeth whiter?

This depends on the reason why your teeth may be darker. We can carry out an assessment to determine the best approach to help you achieve the best results.

If you are a smoker or keen coffee drinker, your staining may be external (this is called extrinsic staining) therefore, it’s important to remove the stains first. The jet polisher is excellent for this!

If you still feel that you would prefer to have your teeth a shade whiter, then we can offer professional teeth whitening using non-abrasive bleach. Our in house dentist, Niall Johnston has produced amazing results!