What do most people get wrong with regards to oral health?

Rinsing out after brushing is a common mistake. In doing so you are rinsing away the fluoride in the toothpaste which helps keep your teeth strong. So Spit, don’t rinse !!! Another error can be considering bleeding gums as a normal – bleeding gums is an indication that there’s inflammation in the gum tissue and that can be an indication of gum disease. This is treatable, if picked up quickly.

During lockdown, a lot of people couldn’t get to the dentist. What tips can you give people to look after their teeth at home when they can’t get to the dentist?

Prevention is key! Take time to care for your teeth effectively. Brushing for at least 2 minutes twice daily. Interdental cleaning, use floss or interdental brushes to clean in-between your teeth. Diet – minimise sugary snacks, fizzy or sugary drinks/alcohol. Watch what you eat and drink and most importantly the frequency that you eat and drink it. Don’t smoke. Make an appointment at Pure dental Hygiene. We are open and ready to help pre-vent tooth decay and gum disease. We are happy to spend quality time with you cus-tomising a oral health regime, whilst ensuring your gums are healthy and teeth leave sparkly.

Does whitening toothpaste actually work?

A visit to a dental Hygienist who provides a jet polish treatment is a far more effective way of removing stain effectively without damaging the enamel. If you choose to opt for a whitening toothpaste, stick to a reputable Dental brand endorsed by dental pro-fessionals and ensure it contains fluoride. Avoid buying products over the internet that promise unrealistic results, these are very often not monitored and could cause more damage to the enamel.

What are the main causes of tooth sensitivity?

A dental professional will help you identify the cause individually. Overly aggressive toothbrushing technique. Gum disease resulting in gum recession. Acid reflux or high acid diet.

What is the most complex case you’ve ever worked on and what was in-volved?

The most complex and rewarding cases are ones where patients have been experi-encing symptoms such bleeding gums for years. This tends to affect their personal confidence and ability to smile. Also, the level of inflammation that they were experiencing is also jeopardising their general health. If you were bleeding spontaneously from anywhere else on your body on a daily basis you wouldn’t not tend to ignore that. A meticulous dental clean removes all debris above and below the gum margin. Within a few days the bleeding will disappear. Gums heal so quickly when treated effectively. That to me is the most rewarding part of my job.